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AVPS has been the go-to choice for many small 

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AVPS Understands that every business is unique and has different needs.

AVPS understands that businesses need help with their technology and customer service, which we offer at competitive prices while still providing an outstanding quality of artistry you can rely on! AVPS offers competitive pricing and best-in-class service to help you succeed with the most advanced technology, solutions & support for your business needs. Let’s get started!

A full suite of payment processing services to offer.

Through our full-service payment processing, AVPS offers various services, including electronic bank loans and currency trading. We also offer business management software that helps with everything from invoicing to payroll—all in one platform!

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Natasha Beswick

Product Owner

Natasha Beswick started her career in the Credit Card processing industry in February 2000, with a start up company that was an ISO office of Processing Source International.  She was hired as an Administrative Assistant.  She was taught how to do terminal downloads, customer support, initial underwriting and discussed merchants with the risk team, when occasions presented themselves.  She was responsible for processing all updates to existing merchant accounts and established banking relationships with Cornerstone Payments, Inc. and Concord Payment Systems.

Natasha Beswick was hired by AVPS in 2003, as Director of Domestic accounts and facilitated the establishment of the relationship with Concord Payment Systems.  She was then given the opportunity to do the initial underwriting for all of the merchant accounts submitted by the sales team to all of the banks AVPS had relationships with.  She took the time to understand the decision making process of the underwriters and risk management at the processor level. She studied the underwriting manuals and criteria for placing an account.  In May of 2004, AVPS began to submit applications to Central Bancard, and within a few months, AVPS was doing their own underwriting and risk evaluation of their merchant accounts.

Natasha Beswick worked side by side with Deana Rich, who was a consultant for MasterCard and has several years experience in the Acquiring industry.  They worked together in developing more rigorous underwriting criteria and risk procedures.  

Natasha Beswick has attended several industry forums and seminars.  She continues her education in our ever changing landscape.

 Natasha Beswick participates and is an active Member in the MAC (Merchant Acquirers’ Committee) alert system and continues to make contacts within the industry and prevent loss before it occurs.

Over the last two decades with AVPS, Natasha has expanded her knowledge in other facets of the credit card processing business such as drafting, reviewing, and negotiating many contracts ranging from employment, agent, reseller, independent contractor, non compete, non disclosure, to software license agreements.  

In addition, Natasha manages AVPS’ corporate compliance matters as its regulatory Visa and MasterCard filings. She works closely with both AVPS’ In House Counsel and outside counsel regarding various regulatory and business matters. Natasha also counsels and advises AVPS’ Human Resource Department from management to sales representatives on risk management, employee discipline, hiring, termination, accommodation, and other daily employee issues.

As an underwriter Natasha looks for the following:

  • Completed application with signatures
  • Articles of Incorporation in the same state as the business license and owners
  • Business address
  • Drivers license
  • Copy of utility bill
  • Phone, fax and cell phone numbers
  • Preprinted voided checks or letters from the bank
  • Bank statements (personal or business) most recent three months
  • Processing statements for the most recent 3-6 months (if available).  If merchant has processed before, why are they leaving?  Contact with the previous process will be made to ensure that the story the merchant is telling is the same as the processor.
  • Most recent (2) years tax returns, on the business or owners
  • Review financials to ensure that the company and owners can support the volume the company is requesting
  • Credit reports
  • Experian authentification and CFI reports
  • Product/service being sold
  • Product/services value to the cardholder
  • How long it will take for the product/service to be used
  • How product is being sold, marketing materials
  • How is the product shipped, through the company or through a fulfillment company
  • Copy of the fulfillment contract and contact information
  • Website review
  • Average ticket
  • High ticket
  • Monthly volume
  • Site inspections
  • How long has the company been operating
  • Reserve establishment
  • Inform the Risk department of the new accounts that are being boarded

The above are just the bases that AVPS covers, there are always variations based on what is provided in the initial documents reviewed.

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