At AVPS, we believe in collaboration.


AVPS is a fully integrated payment solution that offers the most lucrative arrangements for developers. AVPS can help you in any stage of your project, from developing an app to managing it after launch with our partnership program, designed specifically to meet all developer needs and concerns. We have built relationships through transparency between ourselves as well as robust reporting mechanisms, so partners are always informed about their progress on projects they’re working hard toward success.

ISO & Agents

We have programs designed to grow your business. The professionals at AVPS can help you get started with an agency or ISO. Whether your goal is to grow your business or empower employees and clients in need of services like ours, we have programs designed for all types of needs! Our team works quickly but carefully – always ensuring that whatever task comes their way will be met perfectly and, most importantly, efficiently-without compromising quality standards.

Highest Level of Security Available

We take pride in being a PCI Level One provider. We are a PCI level one provider who has implemented high-security technology to ensure that our partners and merchants receive reliable processing solutions, no matter what happens in the world outside their walls!


With our cutting-edge technology, you can offer your customers an unparalleled shopping experience. We provide merchants with all the tools they need to succeed and partners who will help them do so! Our dashboard is flexible enough for any business’s needs – white label it too if needed (or just change out some branding).

Visa Total Dispute Management

Dispute Prevention Alerts

Deflect potential chargebacks and disputes before they are even issued! As card-holders are calling their issuing bank, Order Insight provides real time alerts of the customer inquiries, allowing FRAUDefender to pull the relevant transaction information and respond to the customer inquiry in seconds, with an enhanced digital receipt, thus proactively deflect potential disputes before they happen.

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